Wesley Virgin Wiki

Wesley Virgin is an American serial entrepreneur, investor, influencer, fitness guru, and U.S. Army serviceman. He is the owner of web content production company WV Media.[1] He is also the author of several eBooks such as Fat Diminisher System: How to Lose Weight Quickly at Home, Top Diet and Fitness Apps Guide, and Changed, Secrets of the Fitness Industry, and Weight-loss Without the Struggle!: Everything from Smoothies to Superfoods.[2]


Virgin joined the Army for four years after dropping out of college, fighting in the war in Afghanistan.[3] Before starting his current business endeavors, he worked jobs such as serving as a computer engineer and technician at a car dealership.[1][3][4] He also persevered through setbacks such as bankruptcy, dismissal from jobs, and spending time in jail.[1]

Virgin’s first major success in business came as a result of his work as a health and fitness guru. After projects such as a fitness YouTube channel and a 7 Day Fitness Program,[4][5] he made thousands of dollars overnight after the success of his eBook Fat Diminisher System: How to Lose Weight Quickly at Home.

Virgin eventually founded the content production company WV Media. Under the banner of WV Media, Virgin publishes content that covers topics such as web marketing, business on the Internet, and self-development.[1] He also became active as a public speaker and podcaster.[1]

As an investor and serial entrepreneur, Virgin also has other business projects and investments apart from WV Media.[1] Audiences can read about Wesley Virgin in publications such as The Huffington Post,[6] Forbes,[4] the Los Angeles Herald,[7] The Daily Herald,[8] and the Chicago Chronicle.[9]

Personal life[]

He is currently based in Houston, Texas, where he resides with his two children.[1]